A woman who knows how important it is to love your home.

although I've been designing homes for over a decade. I will never get tired of witnessing the transformation my clients experience from a beautifully well designed home.

Your surroundings effect your energy by either bringing you joy or creating frustration. My mission is to make sure your home feels like your very own personal sanctuary.

Let me share my story


I was born in France, but came to the U.S. when I was 18 months old. So, don't ask me to speak to you in French, I can only get as far as bonjour. I might not be able to speak french, but my super power is that I can intuitively feel how you want to live in your home and bring it into fruition. Which will have you saying "it's like you were in my head, this is even better than what I was imagining."


Do you feel like a stranger walking into your home because it doesn't reflect your personality?

Just once wouldn't it be nice to say yes you'll host the family holiday dinner?

Are you tired of hearing yourself say, I know what I like, but I just can't seem to pull it all together? 

I know it's challenging when you're experiencing resistance while trying to choose the right tile, countertops, flooring, paint color and furniture. These decisions can keep you up at night, who wants to waste their hard earned money on making the wrong choices?

This is why I have made it my mission to help transform your home so you can experience joy when you walk through your front door. 

Your surroundings are one of the most important investments you can give to yourself. It is the place that will nurture you by giving you comfort and a sense of peace. A beautifully designed home will transform you. How I explain this transformation is you will have this up leveling feeling. Your home can truly spark joy.

My design aesthetic was inspired by California beach living, which is where I grew up. I've had a love affair as long as I can remember with natural elements that give a casual coastal vibe with soul.


I live in beautiful Jupiter, Florida, with my large busy family, pets included. Still enjoying the ocean but from a different coast.


My lifestyle has taught me the importance of creating a sanctuary by surrounding myself with things that are soulful and have meaning. Our homes should always reflect the people who live in them.

For me, there is nothing better than a day of being surrounded by the people and things you love.

I bring my love of the ocean and a casual way of living to all my projects. If you're looking for over-the-top design with tassels, gilded statues and a home that you look at and don't live in, I'm not for you. But, if you want a home that is welcoming and soulful, you're in the right place. Don't be fooled by all the pretty things, they only have longevity in bringing you joy if you're tapped into your self worth. So if you're serious about up leveling your life I offer sessions to unblock whats been holding you back. I have been told that I design interiors literally.


Let's get in touch and make it happen!


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